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Can I take medications while being treated?

August 2, 2023 Andy

Can I take medications while being treated?

There are many reasons why you may be taking medications and, if you are taking medication prescribed by a registered doctor, you should not stop taking these until you have discussed this with them first. There is no doubt that most people would prefer not to take long-term medication, but at times there is no choice.

We appreciate that some of our patients feel they need medication to function, but it is our aim to help you reduce the reliance on them. Long-term medication has lasting effects on our internal environment and can affect many things such as tissue repair. (For those of you that like the science behind this, just follow the link below). As your pain and discomfort reduce, we would expect you to be able to reduce pain relief / inflammation medication. Replacing medications with more natural alternatives may be possible at times, but again this would need to be discussed with your doctor.

Our aim is to restore your body to maximum efficiency and promote a toxic free internal environment. But until then, keep taking the meds!


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