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Do you only treat sports injuries?

August 2, 2023 Andy

Do you only treat sports injuries?

No, we treat everyone. Here at OOC, our philosophy is that EVERYONE is an athlete, it’s just that some are ‘in training’ and some are ‘resting’!

When you think about it we are pretty much all built with the same building blocks, ie hearts, lungs, brains, skeletons etc. and our bodies all have to adapt to the demands that life places on them. These will be different depending on your own life circumstances. So whether you’re the elite athlete, the busy working mum, the bricklayer or the retired shopkeeper on the allotment, you’re all using the same body parts to do what you do. It’s just that you have your own different demands and potentially your own unique problems. Whatever these may be, we’re here to find that elite athlete, or world champion in everyone we treat. This way, the shopkeeper, the busy mum or the elite athlete gets back to their winning ways!

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