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How can I prevent my problem from happening again?

August 2, 2023 Andy

How can I prevent my problem from happening again?

“Prevention is better than cure”, I hear myself repeating this in the clinic on a regular basis. The first thing I would say is, you have to look after yourself. I know, it’s obvious isn’t it? But how many of us really look after ourselves. You’d think it madness to run your car without servicing it at regular intervals, changing the tyres or cleaning it every now and again. But we don’t think like this when it comes to our bodies. We might do the tyre changing (new shoes) and we might do the cleaning (spa pampering), but not many of us do the all-important servicing. You know, the bits that make the engine run smoothly and make it less likely to breakdown, or if it does breakdown, make it less costly.

Well doesn’t it make sense to keep yourself ticking over as efficient as possible? This is where regular maintenance treatments can help. By keeping your body as efficient as it can be, it will be less likely to succumb to injury and illness. Whilst osteopathy can be part of this maintenance program, other things such as; good nutrition, hydration, sleep, a tailored fitness plan and a good old pampering can all aid your wellbeing.

We love seeing our patients, but as we always say “Prevention is better than cure”.

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